Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Naperville Parade

The Tribune covered the Naperville parade:
Marching in a parade in Republican-flush Naperville, Keyes said he was trying to fire up the "intensely committed" to support his candidacy. As about 200 supporters marched behind him, Keyes waved to onlookers, many of whom cheered him. Some, however, were not favorably struck by his candidacy, shouting Obama's name and advising Keyes to return to Maryland--sometimes not very politely. . . . Although many along the parade route appeared to be supporting Keyes, applause for him was intermittent, and Obama supporters voiced their opposition in almost every block. Some said they were applauding Keyes and his supporters as a courtesy, simply because his supporters made the effort to come out on a day of mixed sunshine and rain.
OneMan covers the parade here.