Monday, September 20, 2004

Poll Results

From WHOI's website:
“My strong belief that government should be limited and that the real engine for developing our society and its hopes is the real genius of our people,” says Keyes. “Alan Keyes is pro-life, he's pro-marriage between man and a woman. These are things that frankly people in our county believe in,” says Demetra DeMonte, Chairperson of the Tazewell County Republicans. Recent polls across Illinois show Keyes opponent, Democrat Barack Obama, in the lead. But Keyes and his supporters say polls are inaccurate. “He is (so) close to winning our state. Because of Central Illinois and Tazewell County, it will be a big part of that win,” says DeMonte.
None of that really seems new. More delusional people who refuse to believe the polls. And then the "small government" speech from Keyes. Except, of course, Keyes is willing to favor government involvement and pass laws when he thinks they would benefit him:
Keyes also says that if he does get elected into the U.S. Senate, he would push for legislation to prohibit the publication of poll results within a certain period of time before every election. That's because he says they can influence elections.